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4 Reasons Why A Business Lunch

As business professionals, connecting with others is crucial to developing your pool of clients. However, in the golden age of smartphones and technology, the way we do this is changing at a rapid rate. Not only is networking becoming more digital, but the way we meet people in and of itself is transforming, and often, you might never have spoken to a new connection face-to-face before you start working with them.

While connecting with others is moving towards the digital space, we’re losing out on the face-to-face interaction that makes connection and relationships so strong. Meeting people allows you to understand what makes them tick, share an enjoyable interaction with them, and discuss in greater length about how your businesses can work together. Online networking and messaging your potential clients is quicker and can be done from the comfort of your own home, but is it enough by itself?

Not much beats relationship building than face-to-face networking, however, the environment matters greatly. Starting a conversation can be difficult when you’re not familiar with other people attending an event, so it’s important that you choose wisely. Not all networking is created equal!

Business lunches are an excellent way to get the ball rolling, giving you a common starting point to discuss the event’s entertainment. These events can also relax what would be a more corporate environment, giving you a chance to sit and talk, making friendly discussions with other guests. You also have more captive time with your prospects, as sitting with another person to eat takes time, allows you to build up rapport and bond over a positive experience. Here are 4 reasons why you should consider attending a business luncheon.

It’s a more relaxed approach to Corporate Networking

While corporate networking events are a fantastic way to meet and discuss potential work with prospects, they can often be very formal, potentially discouraging those newer to networking, and becoming tedious for those familiar with it.
At a business luncheon, you’re able to sit, relax and discuss topics in a more entertaining and less stifled environment. The food also adds to the experience, along with light hearted & humorous entertainment, from former sports personalities from many different sports including rugby, football, netball, athletics, cricket to name a few.

If you’re more relaxed, you’re more likely to enjoy the discussion. This makes for much better relationship building, higher quality conversation and creating a real connection with other professionals that simply couldn’t be achieved through LinkedIn or corporate networking alone.

You can entertain your New or Existing Clients

Not only can you meet and connect with prospects or someone completely new, but at a business luncheon, you can also bring along new or existing clients.

Luncheons provide an excellent platform for you to cement a positive working partnership with a new client, showcasing your commitment to keeping it that way. You can also invite existing clients to a business luncheon, further developing an already excellent working partnership.

By creating a positive shared experience with your clients and prospects, you’ll have the chance to find common ground and bond – paving the way for exciting opportunities in the future.

You’ll have a more captive time with prospects

A business luncheon provides a more relaxed and entertaining setting to connect with your prospects, allowing you more time to build a rapport with them.  In a corporate networking event, interactions might be shorter, potentially limiting your social experience with prospects. A meal and entertainment shared with your prospects allows for a longer discussion, delving further into ideas over a longer time period.

You’ll be supporting local charities

Not only do you benefit your business and personal skills through attending a business lunch event, you’ll also be supporting those less fortunate than you. All our business luncheon events are held in support of various local charities, meaning your business can lift up organisations that provide help to those in need. You’ll also be fulfilling your corporate social responsibility goals, providing you with an excellent opportunity to shout about your involvement.

Seize the Opportunity

Amros hold four business luncheon events per year in each region, across the West Midlands at some of the region’s finest venues.

Each lunch includes a three-course meal as well as entertainment in a relaxed, enjoyable and entertaining environment.
If you’d like the opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals or entertain new and existing clients, we’d like to extend the invitation for you to book onto any of our Birmingham, Black Country & Worcestershire Business Luncheon Club events during 2020.

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